Yet not, just what started out once the a competition has been way more friendly and you may reduced antagonistic through the years

Veronica’s connection with Cheryl began as a bitter competition, though mostly inherited courtesy the girl relationship which have Betty, exactly who Cheryl try usually cruel on the. But not, despite Cheryl 1st meat which have Betty, Veronica sought and make household members along with her, once the Veronica experienced their back-and-forth manage end up in shared depletion, therefore Cheryl enjoy Veronica more than this lady household having an effective sleepover, in which Veronica discovered how unsettling Cheryl’s home existence try. While they have their distinctions, just in case Cheryl is going as a consequence of a difficult time, Veronica usually is apparently here so you can spirits the woman. The initial exemplory instance of that is where Cheryl escaped towards locker place distraught immediately after Jason’s demise. Veronica was here so you’re able to comfort the woman. She even aided Toni when you look at the cracking Cheryl out of the Sisters of Silent Compassion once she was committed of the the woman mother to possess reversion cures. The girls even became business partners for a little while, publishing their unique brand of rum.

Kevin Keller

Veronica came across Kevin on the first day regarding sophomore seasons whenever she had been because of the grand concert tour off Riverdale Higher because of the Betty. Quickly, Veronica said Kevin since the woman “gay bestfriend,” hence putting their friendship in an excellent stereotypical pigeonhole out-of mean girl and you may gay companion. not, over time they became legitimate close friends, sharing a passion for theatre, theatre, and ways generally. They usually have plus fused more than their interest inside the people, having both which have recognized exactly how glamorous Archie is actually. One another Veronica and you can Kevin express a shared disdain to have bullying and you can prejudice. Getting Veronica, this is a trait she put up instead has just, not, she try passionate still. They also teamed up with Toni to save Cheryl out of conversion process medication in the Siblings regarding Quiet Compassion.

Ethel Muggs

Veronica’s relationship which have Ethel deteriorated quickly. Just what first started due to the fact a relationship, quickly turned into a competition, moreso out of Ethel’s end. Both basic turned allies after Veronica try whore-shamed from the Chuck, and Betty took they up on by herself to help you rally all females during the Riverdale Large that has a comparable find, and you will included in this is actually Ethel. So, having Ethel’s assist, Veronica and you will Betty staged a trap having Chuck. It cheated him to your a jacuzzi, tucked him a muscle relaxer, and you may boiled him regarding warm water until he confessed so you’re able to sleeping in the offering Veronica good “gluey maple.” It triggered Chuck getting frozen and you can kicked off the group, far so you can Ethel’s recovery. Veronica would later started to learn that Ethel was experiencing dilemmas yourself. Their relatives was at risk of losing everything due to a business venture that have Veronica’s dad, which Ethel did not fault Veronica for. It was not until Veronica started initially to work in addition to the woman parents you to their dating soured, ultimately causing Ethel concentrating on Veronica, also going as much as throwing an excellent milkshake for her lead, outlining you to Veronica ended up being convicted on the crimes one to she along with her mothers got committed up against the city.

Josie McCoy

Veronica and you can Josie’s relationship kicked from after Veronica entered Josie and you may the newest Pussycats because the a temporary replacement for so you’re able to Valerie. It was throughout the a food proposition which have Veronica mom and you can Josie’s parents which they realized just how much he’s got in accordance, particularly, dilemmas they deal with at your home and you will household members drama, they are able to thread more. Veronica and you can Josie one another has actually problems with their dads, that’s something they both usually stress over. Once Veronica became a formal companion off Lodge Industries and previous ‘Veronica and Pussycats’, Josie began to point herself, given that Lodges couldn’t getting leading. Shortly after Veronica seen just how cruelly Josie’s mommy managed their, Veronica shared with her mother, once you understand Sierra got advised Josie to stay off this lady. Sierra and you will Josie manage after come to new Pembrooke and you can apologize. Veronica and you may Hermione accepted the apologies, holding no grudges and you will greet them to Veronica’s verification service. in which Veronica and you will Josie performed together with her.

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