Make sure to check the uniform thoroughly before making your final decision. This site, launched by Braulio Estima, uses the same interface as MGinAction. If you are a long-legged lanky spider guard player who wants to emulate Braulio’s style; then this is the perfect online Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class site for you. Roger Gracie is widely regarded as one of the greatest of all times BJJ competitors in the gi – so who wouldn’t want to learn from him?

To sign up for your first FREE class or to inquire about private lessons call or email us at Start off with a consultation with our trainers to determine your goals and the best set of classes for you. 🌟BJJ Belt is made by experts to boasts excellent strength and durability to last for several years.

I was feeling very depressed until I read this. Made me think why I started BJJ in the first place. BJJ World is created to provide Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners with useful information related to their Jiu-Jitsu training. Whether you’re looking for the Best Grappling and jiu-jitsu Gear, DVDs, instructional, etc. you’re in the right place to make the best choice with our reviews. Also, remember that one partner might not be as much into training as the other one. This is pretty much like dating someone that doesn’t really train.

Submeta is the new online learning platform for Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling from Lachlan Giles. It contains videos and courses about many different BJJ techniques and can be accessed on a subscription basis. Currently, Lachlan teaches all the courses on the platform. In the video below you can watch Lachlan give a walkthrough of the platform himself.

It wasn’t – you must watch it through their website. Any polite enquiry is met with silence – no reply whatsoever. The business hides behind the internet – nameless, faceless and not accountable. Get my 7 day email course to receive my best tips for incredibly fast progress in jiu jitsu. The main alternative to Submeta is BJJ Fanatics. That’s the biggest platform for BJJ instructionals.

Posts are added every few days, usually covering a highly specific subject like where to place your feet while grappling. The Polaris triple champion Ashley Williams is one of the best submission grapplers out there and is a joy to watch and listen to. Williams’ online BJJ courses cover lots of different topics, organized in chapters that are further divided into lessons, making the content easy to keep a track of. While many of the other sites here are based on a subscription model, Jiu Jitsu X offers a hybrid payment plan.

I’ve created a free 7 video day course for anyone who read this article in which I explain

Some had quit other martial arts because they were tired of guys hitting on them. A few girls were offended about the idea that girls can’t take care of themselves. The Royler Gracie course library aims to teach jiu jitsu as Helio Gracie taught it. This library is unique because it’s not only aimed at BJJ practitioners but instructors too. The video library comprises 50 lessons and 160 jiu jitsu techniques, and has 7 hours of content in total.

BJJ Fanatics is routinely releasing new content. For those interested in Keenan Cornelius’ content, previously you were looking for Keenan Online. KeenanOnline can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription. In the early 2000’s it was common to hear coaches scoff at YouTube Jiu-Jitsu, laughing at the idea that you could learn anything of value online.

But what to do if you really can’t take your eyes off that new girl you’re training with?

It might be a bad idea to get “entangled” with the people you interact with at the gym. Others might say it’s great and they wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve talked to some of my friends who had the fortune, misfortune or actual horror of dating someone they trained with.

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·Someone who motivates you to train

The great thing about Jiu-Jitsupedia is that there’s an emphasis not only on traditional BJJ techniques and positions, but also a large number of wrestling, judo and self defence videos too. Then there’s Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Mastery which gives you access to recordings of Henry’s monthly seminars plus Q&A sessions, and access to the private online Hidden Jiu Jitsu group. This is also a monthly or annual subscription.

New and difficult techniques get more immediate reviews, while familiar and easier techniques get moved farther out. So, you are guided to always practice what needs improvement. MMA Flashcards adjusts to your level, regardless of how fast you learn or how often you practice, creating a custom path to mastery. This guide is for people who want to buy a new BJJ rash guard.

It’s best not to get disqualified for an illegal uniform. Even if you’re not competing some gyms have dress codes that you have to follow. This Jiu-Jitsu rash guard has a geometric pattern that is helpful when you roll.