Well I am 53 Male with no ED issues. I work out regularly and one question I get asked is my age. I do not post a lot of pictures of me but I do have an 8 pack, veins exposed everywhere http://www.hookupinsiders.com/ and shredded. I would really like to meet someone again but my problem has nothing to do with sex or companionship but more so how I was left in the aftermath of my padt..

Everyone is different, so this largely depends on your personal preferences. Are you looking for a site that’s exclusive to older women and the people seeking them? If so, you might want to use the above platforms to cater to cougars. Available on desktop, Android, and iOS through their app stores, Millionaire Match is known for its top-notch safety and protection features. We can’t be surprised when the platform caters to the rich and elite in the world. What’s important is that the chance to meet a high-quality single, older woman is very high.

I completely disagree with the notion that dating is “easier” for men our age rather than women. In fact, I’d say the opposite is true, especially if the woman is reasonably attractive, stylish, and height-weight proportionate. The expression “all the good ones are taken” exists for a reason. My personal experience is that 50-something women “want it all” with little to no effort on their part.

‘Flawed,’ ‘heartless’: A look back at Tiger Woods’ dating history

Without that, they are willing to lead a life that centers around their girlfriends, children, and cats. DaveW……I easily fit into your criteria and I am attractive, intelligent, funny, and respectful. I can easily hold a conversation and I am genuinely interested in who I am talking with. At almost 52 it has been no picnic trying to find a man who is secure within himself and trusting enough to really want a relationship anymore. I am not a bar scene gal, and dating sites are terrible. Left to my own devices I am having terrible luck.

Remember that it’s about the two of you as individuals, not your age difference.

By talking about mutual families, you create an atmosphere of being in a relationship. Whether that is your intention or not, bringing up this topic too quickly doesn’t work. At the same time, traditions can be a fun aspect of family life. By talking about this, you get to know her better when it comes to dating, love, and more. Besides, it will induce powerful feelings related to falling in love and boyfriends. By using these questions to ask a girl on the first date to your advantage, you won’t hear the words “That was nice, I’ll be in touch” coming from her mouth.

I have tried the grocery store, book store, and car shows in the past. I also no longer converse with men on any online site, and these are non dating sites. I am truly done trying to chase men down to show them I am a quality woman.

” I’m of the mindset unless someone shows me how much better my life would be with him in it or he blows my mind I really am better off without it. Try to meet women who also have young children. We are out here and looking for the same thing. Life stage is equally important as age. It gives you context and understanding of each other’s current challenges. And by “me” , yes, I mean “us men.” You see, for me I’d much rather be wanted than needed!

Some people refer to all older women that date younger men cougars. However, this is a common misconception. On the contrary, “cougar” is a self-identifying term. Not all older women are looking specifically for younger men, after all.

My body is as toned as J-Lo’s, as I regularly dance, run and do Pilates. I am constantly flirted at by guys half my age who assume I’m in my 30s. I’m actually happily married — I just happen to be on this site doing research for a graduate studies paper I’m writing. Plus they know shit and have more charisma and style than any 30-year-old ever could. Besides J-Lo, look at Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, the list goes on….It is time we changed our ancient notions of age and vitality.

Not many want to put the effort into a relationship, and no relationship survives without work. I’m an old fashioned girl who longs for the way it used to be. I want meaning and real love in my relationship.

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If you feel the need to respond to what others are saying about your relationship, come together and decide as a unit what the response will be. Age does matter when it comes to having a successful relationship so be sure to give it the time it needs so you can plan ahead of time for these life events. You also need to have things in common and be in similar places in your lives to make a go of a long-term relationship. If you are committed to making your age-diverse relationship work for the long haul, check out our tips on how to manage your big age gap with success.